Call Forwarding Service

Who is Hoiio?

Hoiio is a software company and provide cloud communication and apps to businesses on a subscription and usage based business model. We are founded in Singapore in 2007 and have expanded regionally with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

We are a firm believer in cloud technologies and its ability to empower a new era of agile businesses and have invested over 8 years of research and development into our awards winning agile cloud platform.

Clients of Silver Star Consulting Pte. Ltd. enjoys 3 months free Subscription Fees for call forwarding services. It allows Singapore Companies and Businesses at low and affordable prices to stay connected anywhere, any time without the fuss of an extra handset and mobile contract.

What our Call Forwarding Service Includes:

  • 1  Singapore  number that starts with “6xxx xxxx”

  • Call forwarding to multiple lines simultaneously

  • Customizable office hours

  • Missed call notifications to your email

  • Voice-mail service

  • Blocked numbers service

  • Caller ID display service

  • Free number retention service for Singtel land line number

  • Golden numbers are available with a small fee

  • No hardware, no wiring required

  • Instant activation

  • set personalized greeting messages/options and voice mail messages in various languages at a small fees

Why choose our Call Forwarding Services?

  • Better professional image with office phone numbers on namecards, letterheads and website

  • No need to invest in PABX Systems and telephone wiring

  • More cost saving with Lower monthly subscription and per minute usage rate

  • Cheaper alternative for international roaming and overseas calls

  • Do not require full time receptionist

  • Receive calls anywhere, anytime

  • No incoming calls limit if you receive calls via digital telephone

  • Allows you to play the missed calls at your own time

  • Instant activation

  • Call forwarding to multiple lines simultaneously