What you need to know for Singapore Company Formation

We, Silver Star Consulting Pte. Ltd., compiled a list of what you need to know for Singapore Company Formation.

1. Company Name

Company Name must be approved before Singapore Company Incorporation.

2. Directors

There must be minimum of one Resident Director (Singapore Citizen or PR at least 18 years old).

3. Shareholders

There must be minimum of one Shareholder (Individual Person/Legal Entity).

4. Paid up Capital

There must be minimum of S$1.00.

5. Singapore Company Secretary/Singapore Corporate Secretary

Singapore Law requires every company to appoint a qualified company secretary/corporate secretary within 6 months of company incorporation.

6. Singapore Registered Addess

For registration of Company, it must be a local Singapore Address.

7. Taxation

Singapore provides excellent Tax benefits & incentives (i.e. tax payable less than 9% for first S$300,000.00 annual profits and 17% flat rate thereafter.

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